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Maryland Burglar Alarm Company Inc - CCTV Baltimore MD

Unlike many stores, we sell DIY alarms

Come into our showroom, tell us what you have in mind, and we'll show you our demo systems. Our emphasis is on flexibility - providing you with alarms you can customize as you please, mixing wired and wireless components to create a security field you can work with. Once you make your purchase, we'll pre-program the units and within a few days they'll be ready for you to install at your home or business.


In addition to traditional wired systems, Maryland Burglar Alarm offers completely wireless DIY alarms, contact alarms, motion detectors and other security systems. Buy from us and you're not just buying good products, but the advice and experience that comes from nearly

50 years in the business!

Get parts and add-ons from top brands

Find parts, strobes, wires, and supplemental instruments to keep your system up-to-date. We stock batteries that can run from 3 to 5 years, as well as universal parts made by many major brands.

Build your own alarm system

Get all the assistance you need to do it yourself

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